Schaul’s Signature Cuisine and Events can provide staff to ensure your event runs smoothly and your guests are cared for with first class service. The following are some titles and description of the staff we can provide

Event Supervisor

We call them the orchestra leader; Our supervisors insure that all aspects of your event; food, rentals, entertainment, staff, site logistics and time are orchestrated in a manner which carries out the vision you have for your memorable occasion

Executive Chef

Some events call for the food to be exquisitely prepared on site; with different logistics, fluctuating guests count, and food which need to be served immediately after preparation. Our Executive Chef, Mitch, understands this and is qualified to deliver food that befits the occasion

Food Team

We pride ourselves on quality food that is carefully prepared and presented for in a manner fit for a royal wedding. Our kitchen staff; Sous chefs, line chefs, grill cooks and food prep staff are prepared to do this wherever the special occasion should take them.

Event Staff

Waiters, Waitresses, Bartenders, Buffet Attendants, Butler Style Servers, Porters, Registration, Coat check are just a few of the staff we have on hand all dressed as your event calls for with one purpose in mind; pamper your guests.

Entertainment Staff

Do you need someone to run children’s games for your corporate picnic? How about Pin the Tail on the donkey at your son or daughters’ birthday party? Face painters? Our entertainment staff is available to meet the needs of your occasion, ensuring you and your guests experience the fun and excitement the occasion calls for.

BBQ Staff

One of our trademarks over the years has been our outdoor events from company picnics, grand openings to graduation parties. Our bbq cooks, popcorn servers, cotton candy attendants and others are sure to make your occasion reach the level you desire in comfort and service for your guests.