Our company started in 1929 when our founder, Peter Schaul, installed his copper boiler and began cleaning, dressing and selling fresh poultry all from the basement of his Niles, IL home. It wasn’t long before Schaul’s became known for the highest grade of poultry and meat products both in terms of freshness and quality. Schaul’s serviced both the retail social market and the corporate market with a wide array of gourmet food products.

Our products were sold raw and ready to cook at home by our loyal customers. In the early 1980’s we began receiving requests from both our social and corporate clientele about purchasing our quality food products already cooked, hot and ready to serve. Little did we know that this would launch us into the catering business.

The demand for our quality foods cooked and ready to serve was so great that in the early 1990’s we closed our retail meat markets and focused our efforts into catering. We began by catering smaller events with party trays and appetizers, but soon our corporate clients were increasingly interested in our services for their summer company picnics which would eventually transform into our Firehouse BBQ division.

Our catering story does not end there. Once we were well on the road to picnic catering, we began to explore the box lunch catering market. This was a natural fit as we already had a plethora of corporate clients that knew they could expect nothing but the freshest high quality food from us. Today, it has grown so well, that we service the Chicago box lunch catering market under one of our flagship brands, Best Box Lunch Chicago. Chicago box lunch catering has never had it so good, as we offer 3 price levels to choose from that include a variety of box lunches and box salads, with gluten free and vegetarian choices in each price level.

After receiving our catered foods for a few years, our customers eventually began asking us to provide other related party services. Our ability to secure such items as tents, tables, chairs, linens, music, theme décor and props at reasonable prices for our clients, as well as the ability to provide experienced and professional wait staff made our venture into event planning an easy transition.

Once Schaul’s began offering event planning alongside our catering it wasn’t long before our first wedding was booked. The reputation of our high quality foods and professional services and staff made our wedding event planning a huge success. Taking this into consideration we eventually began expanding our menu to include some of the more requested high-end modern cuisine options. Schaul’s Signature Cuisine & Events continually strives to offer the best services and menus for modern brides and grooms.

Today, Schaul’s Signature Cuisine & Events has provided quality cuisine and event planning for a wide range of occasions including, weddings, baptisms, holiday celebrations, corporate marketing, employee events and nonprofit fundraising events, just to name a few. We are continually evolving to offer the best quality food, service and event planning to our expanding customer base’s needs and wants.

At Schaul’s Signature Cuisine & Events we take our motto seriously, when it comes to planning your event…the possibilities are endless!